This is an automatically generated archive of Around the Web posts.

  1. No. 008


    Facebook does not know what it is doing (with your data), someone bought a website, others have no internet, and 185 hellos from British Columbia.

  2. No. 009


    Roe v Wade & privacy, crypto & and its big crash, Europe & an attack on encrypted messaging, how a mechanical clock works, and an anthem to women riding bicycles.

  3. No. 010


    Rentier capitalism and expropriation, AI models large and larger, the EU tightens its border regime, Elon Musk speed-runs fascism, and what prison inmates did to police cars.

  4. No. 011


    Summer is over. Winter is coming. Around the Web is back. AI art, deep fakes, and David Attenborough.

  5. No. 013


    A lettuce, machine learning’s stealing problem, an update on humanity’s end of life, and pictures from the beginning of life.

  6. No. 014


    Twitter, Facebook, how Apple broke its privacy promise, and GitHub getting sued. But a good news interlude, too.

  7. No. 015


    Another attack on queer spaces, diversity theatre, border regimes, maps of the world, and cows surviving a hurricane.

  8. No. 016


    German’s law enforcement and its bullshit, a new stochastic parrot, Mastodon’s first main character (it’s a cop), and a lawsuit because cooking pasta takes too long.

  9. No. 017


    Police violence for fossil future, stochastic parrots doing cybercrime, TikTok’s secret, Tesla’s magic, and why peer review failed.

  10. No. 018


    A crisis prayed into existence, the end of writing, how not to fight the climate crisis, and mechanical cows.

  11. No. 019


    ProfitAI, generating disinformation, Okra against microplastics, and filming the speed of light.

  12. No. 020


    Not-so-news from your favourite AI shovel sellers, beaver bombing, how screen readers work, and the physics of riding a bike.

  13. No. 021


    How Large Language Models work, the era of global boiling, passport privileges, a swan song to masculinity, and Barbie’s merchandise.