Saying thank you


The main headlines of pages use Lautsprecher DJR. It’s a digital revival of a typeface drawn by Jakob Erbar. Erbar also drew the my personal first favorite font, Erbar Grotesk. But that’s a different story.

The sub headlines are set in Bridge Head Bold, accompanying the text font Bridge Text. Bridge is a project by Mona Franz.


The owl used in the main menu to highlight the active menu item has been photographed by Gary Bendig and posted on Unsplash.

The image I use for the generic Open Graph/Twitter card/and so forth image has been taken from the book Gray lady and the birds; stories of the bird year for home and school and posted on

Code & Infrastructure

This page is made with Eleventy. It’s based on the start no-11, which is, coincidentally, maintained by me.

Most data is hosted with Contentful. The source code is on GitHub from where I deploy with Netlify into the wild, wild interwebs.