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Scribbles on digital paper

Mostly coherent.

  1. How I built Around the Web

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    How I added a new format to my website, automated publication to a newsletter, and added categories.

  2. Computer says no

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    Überlegungen zum Zusammenhang von Künstlicher Intelligenz und staatlicher und ökonomischer Herrschaft.

  3. An async function walks into a loop.

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    A solution for async functionality in template loops, using `eleventy-image` as an example, some basics about JavaScript loops, and debugging advice. All in what should be a short note.

  4. Antifascism is a necessity.

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    There’s continuity in hate. There has to be continuity in resistance. There has to be antifascism. Every day. Everywhere. Whatever the means.

  5. Getters in a factory

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    Exploring the benefits factory functions can bring to reduce repeating code in Vuex getter functions.

  6. No.

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    A short but disproportionately hard word.

  7. Inclusive Inputs

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    An exploration into how to make inputs more accessible.

  8. Introducing: Tournant

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    Tournant is an open source project I maintain together with Marcus Herrmann. In this post we summarise what we are trying to achieve with the project – and what that weird name means.

    Published: Tournant Blog

  9. Cognitive Disso-Punk

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    A story about tech, standing up against oppression and the fantastic things we can achieve if we build lasting communities.

  10. Our Road to Native Videos on the Web

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    A write-up of the work we at Kitchen Stories have done to implement native HTML video elements together with HLS based media.

    Published: Kitchen Stories Engineering

  11. Mauern in der Werbewüste

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    Warum Ad-Block-Walls nerven, warum Online-Werbung schlecht für die Privatsphäre ist und kein Patentrezept, was zu tun ist.

  12. Memoiren eines Prüflings

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    Da mir Wissen während meiner Abschlussprüfung keine Sicherheit geben konnte (Grund: vermeintlich fehlend), musste ich es mit schreiben versuchen. Freundlicherweise hat mir niemand mein Notizbuch weggenommen. Blöderweise hatte ich kein Wissen in ihm notiert.