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Oscar Braunert
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Declaration of Conflict of Interests

Transparency is important, right? This section declares any conflict of interests I might have between me earning money and me writing things.

I work at DeepL, which heavily uses machine learning technology. My writing - on machine learning and in general - is independent of my work, and at no point has my employer tried to influence it. I sometimes use DeepL to translate text. In those cases, these texts are marked as translated.

I do not hold any stock, options or short positions. Except for like 3 cents worth of Luna Classic (to teh moon!), I possess no cryptocurrencies and have not shorted them either.

Disclaimer of Liability

I try to keep everything on the site good-looking and up-to-date. It is my site at least. Nonetheless, content may—to be honest: will—become outdated, links will stop working. This kind of stuff. If this happens, I apologise in any form, but haven’t promised anything in the first place.

Data Protection

It is rather easy: I do not use any kind of tracking technology and hereby promise to not change this. It is not of my interest what you do on the web or on this site. But, if I could ask for one favour: if anything is broken, please send me an e-mail or open an issue in the GitHub repository.

This site does not feature a contact form. Which means: I also do not save data from a contact form. Who would have thought! If you send me an e-mail, it will be saved on Proton Mail’s servers, as this is where I host them. All mails are encrypted at rest. You can visit Proton’s privacy site to learn how they process data stored on their servers.

And, finally: This site is deployed and hosted with Netlify.To know everything about their handling of data, please refer to Netlify’s privacy page.

I think that’s all. Happy browsing.